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The Challenge-Solution-Opportunity (CSO) approach begins with a detailed understanding of the pain points the client is facing.  From there, short/medium/long term improvements are designed and aligned.  Goals are set and success is measured.  

Your Challenge.

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our solution

Coaching offers a direct one-on-one opportunity to help someone develop their own solutions, their own style in a way that aligns with the organization.  As a certified Coach, I help people achieve their personal visions for success.


Working directly with the teams to understand their challenges across a variety of areas enables the creation of bespoke workshops and training that will improve business performance and help the company operate better, smarter, and faster.

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“We brought Rita on to help us out with our struggles in going through the strategic planning process. The amount of effort and energy she brought us was fantastic, and her perspective and guidance throughout the entire process was invaluable.
In the three short days (well, LONG days really), we were able to figure out a lot of things we're doing wrong, a lot of things we're doing right, and more important we were able to put together some important objectives to help us move forward.
The entire time, she was absolutely professional and we could definitely see that her background and past experience made her the perfect consultant to work with us and help us become a better, stronger organization.”

—  David Smith, Asia Project Development Manager at Hortifrut

“Rita’s deep understanding of both Chinese and global corporate structures, together with a hands-on approach, desire to drive change and a genuine love of cultural quirks and eccentricities, made her an extremely effective, efficient, and highly-motivated member of the wider Imagination team.  Over the course of two years, Rita established Purchasing as a distinct function within Imagination Shanghai, facilitating team recruitment, training and integration into existing company processes.  Rita’s work to strategically identify ways to move the business forward, has improved how Imagination works collaboratively with both Clients and Supplier partners, to the mutual benefit of all concerned.”

—  Jamie Beeson, Director of Event Operations, Uniplan

"Rita has a way of seeing where I need to improve and often see things in myself that I could not recognize. Post-coaching, I always feel braver and more confident in my ability to follow through on my intentions. Rita has shaped me in term of how strategically and logically to approach different background C-suite executives that I trust that mentorship with Rita will help me to hone my own craft and become more competent at my job. "

—  Linda Yu, Director, APAC Legal and Compliance, Abercrombie and Fitch

“Rita delivers astute analysis of where the gaps are in our planning as a small business which we continue to find invaluable.  She is such a fast, “no-nonsense” communicator that we move quickly through topics that would otherwise feel laborious.  She combines this with a fearsome local network in China which means that she can not only help us identify our gaps, but she can help fill them usually, too.  The China business has grown faster because of Rita this year and anxiety levels have dropped as she helps us become better planned.”

—  Laura Mitchelson, Managing Director at ICUnet China